Reauthorizing IDEA with Those We Serve

Illustration of the Autism Society logo, a ribbon made up of different colored puzzle piecesBy Guest Blogger Lawrence Korchnak, Autism Society Vice President

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that makes it possible for families to access free and appropriate education for their children with disabilities. The standards established under IDEA impact families and school districts across the country.

IDEA requires all public schools to provide a free and appropriate public education tailored to the specific needs of a child with a disability. One of the key components of the statute is the Individualized Education Plan, commonly referred to as the IEP. The IEP is a written document that outlines a child’s education throughout his educational career. The document defines goals for the student, services needed to help meet those goals and a method of evaluating a student’s progress. Families looking for more information about IEPs and how to prepare for them can visit the Autism Society website.

As a nonprofit organization representing those affected by autism, the Autism Society is taking steps to prepare for the possible reauthorization of IDEA. The Autism Society strives to be a fair and honest broker of information about autism, and an organization that brings reasonable and bipartisan ideas to Washington. That’s why our position on the IDEA reauthorization will be shaped by exactly what families and educators need.

The Autism Society wants to know from parents and teachers which aspects of a child’s educational planning process need to improved, or perhaps need a more complete definition or more focus. The Autism Society’s position on this issue will be shaped by what our constituents express to us. Help us properly represent our constituency and the desires of all disability advocacy groups in this critical moment!

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